Getting Started

Before doing any creating or editing with OWS, be sure that you are using the Firefox web browser.  Safari and Internet Explorer both work fine to view pages, but they do not always display tools correctly for editing.

When you first login with your OWS account, you will notice that the login box is replaced with a box listing the sites you have access to create/edit.  Click on the name of a site to navigate to it. (If you do not have access to create/edit any sites, you will not see any listed in the My Sites dialogue box.  This means that you must either be invited into an existing site by a site administrator or the global administrator must create a site for you.)

Once you have clicked on a site, you will see a page with the name of your site at the top and a group of links down the left side of the screen.  This is your site home page.

To start creating/editing your site, you can either edit your home page or create other pages.  To edit your home page, click on the edit tab.  To create another page, click on one of the "Create ..." buttons on the left side of the screen.  For a detailed explanation of each page type that you can create, click here.