Page Types

Within OWS, you can create a variety of different types of pages to do different things. Here is an explanation of each:

Site Home Page (Automatically Created)

For each site, you will have an automatically generated home page. You cannot create additional home pages, but you may edit your current page.

Site List Item

Unlike most pages, this is merely meant to be a list item to use as a link. For instance, if you were creating a page of favorite links, you could create a list item for each link and include an image, url, and description. List items are automatically listed and ordered on the List Item Page and list item thumbnails are automatically shown on your site home page (below your site mission statement).

Site List Item Page

If you create this page, it will automatically generate a list of all of your list items. In addition, you can write a description of the list in the list item page and also list it within your site navigation list.

Site Page (Single Author)

This is your basic page type. If you just want a simple page which you can show in your site navigation list, use this.

Site Page (Group Authorship)

This is identical to the Site Page (Single Author), except that it permits other members of your site to edit the page as well. Like a wiki, Group Authorship pages keep track of revisions and permit you to revert to a previous version (if, for instance, a group member accidentally deletes your work).