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Cohort M's Stellar Teaching Ideas Cohort M's Stellar Classroom Management & Teaching Ideas 1 2 2nd National Psychotherapy with Men Conference Conference of Men Adilene Rucoba Adilene's Site African Americans: The Union Army during the Civil War SAH contributing site Alexandra Stephens Alexandra's site Alicia's Site Alicia's Site Allison Goodwin Allison's site Alyssa's Portfolio Alyssa's Portfolio Amanda Gomez Amanda Gomez's website Amanda Kvinta Amanda's site Amanda's Site Amanda's Site Ana Sofia Rodriguez Sofia's Site Angela's Portfolio Website Angela's Site Angela's Site Angela's Site Anti-Catholicism in the United States sah Site Antiracism The Invisibility of Antiracism Aqua Fitness Terri Mitchell's Aqua Fitness class Ashley Aldana Ashley Aldana's site Beverly's Site Beverly's Site Boots or Sandals? Which would you choose? Making moral and political choices during the Vietnam War Era Bracero Program A look at the Bracero Program that allowed Mexican migrant workers into the U.S. during WW II who temporary filled the agricultural and railway jobs. Brian's Site Brian's Site C.I.A. Interventions SAH Site Callista Young Calista Young's site Caroline's Site Caroline's Site Casey Alvarado Casey's site Cassandra's Portfolio Cassandra's Portfolio Catherine's Site Catherine's Site Chapter Eleven: Progress Is Our Most Important Product Student as Historian Project Charlotte Young Charlotte's site Chelsea's Portfolio Chelsea Fikes' Portfolio Christian Leigh Christian Leigh's site Christina N. Barkmann Christina Barkmann's Portfolio Christopher Columbus Rediscovering Columbus's Discovery Clase de Mr. Uriegas Alfredo Uriegas Site Columbus: Saint or Sinner? 1493 Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning 2012 Welcome to Dr. Resta's CSCL2011 class. Consortium for Research in Teacher Education A graduate student organization Courtney's Site Courtney's Site Crystal & Naomi's Stellar Ideas! Crystal and Naomi's Ideas Cynthia's Site Cynthia's Site Dave Drum Research Team David Drum Research Team David Carrillo-Moran David Carrillo's Teacher Site David's Site David's Site Deborah Deborah Denise Lopez Denise's Site Diana's Site Diana's Site Diem Site Ms. Nguyen's SIte Does Slavery Still Exist? A Look at Modern Slavery. sah site Donna's Site Donna's Site Double Victory: Minorities in WWII SAH contributing site Early Settlers of Texas This webquest was designed for use in an elementary classroom. EDC 670 Group #11 EDC 670 Group EDC 670 Group #6 EDC 670 Group Elizabeth Salmon Elizabeth's site Emily's Site Emily's Site Erich's Site Erich's Site Faith's Site Faith's Site George's Site George's Site George's Site George's Site Heart of Texas Writing Project The Heart of Texas Writing Project is devoted to improving the teaching and learning of reading, writing, and 21st Century literacies. Heather Freeman Heather's Site Hector Gutierrez's Website Hector's Site Hicela Martinez Hicela's Website hilal peker Foreign Language Education How did the Media Affect the Outcome of the Vietnam War? A look at the role of the media during the Vietnam War era. Immigration Policies My Site Integrated Behavioral Health Training for Psychologists Website details the programs that compose Integrated Behavioral Health Training for Psychologists with the College of Education Psychology department. Irene's Site Irene's Site Jackie's Site Jackie's Site Jaclyn Sorensen Jaclyn's site James's Portfolio James's Portfolio James's Site James's Site Janay Boswell Sander, Ph.D. Janay Sander's webpage Jay's Sports Merchandise Jay's Sports Merchandise- Shares recommendations about sports products and sports shopping website managments! Jennifer Bigham Jennifer's site Jennifer Keys Adair, PhD Jennifer Keys Adair - research and publications Jessica's Site Jessica's Site Jodi Casabianca Jodi Casabianca Johnson and McNamara: Ultimate Frienemies Inga's Site Johnson's Legacy Mary's Site Jorge's Website Jorge's Website Josephine's Site Josephine's Site Juan Gonzalez Juan's site Juan's Website Juan's Website Julian Vasquez Heilig, Ph.D. Julian Vasquez Heilig, Ph.D. Juliana's Site Juliana's Site Julie Blackmer Julie's site Julie, Ericka, & Kerissa's Stellar IDEAS Raymer Group #9 Kappa Delta Pi Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society in Education: Delta Chapter by Invitation and Initiation Only Karen & Laura's Fantastic Ideas! Raymer Group #8 Karen's Site Karen's Site Karina Site Karina Site Karmina Catindig Karmina's Kathy's Site Kathy's Site Katie Dunlap's E-Portfolio EDC 382S - Methods I with Dr. Sardegna Katie Weaver's Portfolio Katie's Portfolio Kelsie and Caroline have GREAT ideas!!! Raymer Group #7 Kimberly Nelligan Kimberly Site Kinnisha's Site Kinnisha's Site Lauren and Jenna's Marvelous Ideas! Raymer Group #5 Lauren's Site Lauren's Site Lindsay's Portfolio Lindsay's Portfolio Lindsay's Site Lindsay's Site Lisa's Site Lisa's Site Lorie's Site Lorie's Site Lyssa's Site Lyssa's Site Mallori's Site Mallori's Site Mandy's Site Mandy's Site Margaret's Site Margaret's Site Marta Site Marta Site Martha Haas Martha's site Mary Catherine and Natasha Cohort M Group 1 Mary's Site Mary's Site Media and Vietnam War Daniel's Site Melissa's Site Melissa's Site Melody and Ashley's Spectacular Ideas! Raymer Group #3 Meredith L Dayon Meredith L Dayon Michelle's Site Michelle's Site Migration Theories Student as Historian Project Miss Urbina's Classroom Maria Site Morgan Smith's Site Morgan Smith's Site Mr. Vences Site Mr. Vences Site Mrs. Apostolou's Classroom Gina Apostolou's Teacher Web Page Mrs. González Melisa's Website Ms. Arredondo's Website Lydia's Site Ms. Garcia's Page Brooke's Site Ms. Gomez Website Alyssa Site Ms. Gomez's Site Ms. Gomez's Site Ms. Hernández Doris Site Ms. Lozano's Website Erika's Site Ms. Martín Zuleima Martín's Site Ms. Ocampo Petra's Site Ms. Perez's Portfolio Fabiola Site Ms. Saldaña's Classroom Yvette Site Ms. Saquiché Yehimi's Website Ms. Yanez's Website Education Multi-genre Project A multimodal multi-genre project Nathaniel's Site Nathaniel's Site Nayely's Site Nayely's Site Nicholas's Site Nicholas's Site Nicole's Site Nicole's Site Panama Canal SAH Site Past and Present: Treatment of the Romani SAH contributing site Patrick's Site Patrick's Site Pedagogies of Power Pedagogies of Power: Mobilizing Community Ways of Knowing, Being, and Teaching President Obama in the Classroom SAH site Public Opinion, LBJ & Vietnam Natalie's Site Rachael's Site Rachael's Site Rachel's Site Rachel's Site Re-examining LBJ for awesomeness Rebecca's Portfolio Rebecca's Portfolio Reordering the Pilgrims Site for SAH Richard J. Reddick, Ed.D. Rich Reddick Bio Rosalia-a-a-a Rosalia Site Royce's Blog A Collection of My Blog Posts S. Harris US History S Harris US History SAH site sah site SAH Summer Institute Directory SAH Summer Institute Directory Sandra's Site Sandra Site Sara is AWESOME The best site in the world. Sarah Wyne Sarah Wyne's site Scott's Site Scott's Site Sean's Site Sean's Site Seasons Multi-Genre Project Shalyn O'Farrell's Portfolio Shalyn O'Farrell's Portfolio Shannon Wang Shannon Wang's site Site Help & Tutorials A help and tutorial site for the Open Website project. Smith & Redfield SAH site Sport & Life Quality Lab Disseminate and promote lab research. Stephanie's Site Stephanie's Site Student as Historians Preservice students working in groups are asked to develop a performance task that includes a narrative, primary sources ... Sue's Multi Genre Project our battle with food and guilty pleasures Teaching Above & Beyond Raymer Group #6 Teaching Race and Racism in Education Today SAH site Teaching Russian E-Portfolio Intro Teaching September 11th SAH site Tejano History Curriculum Project Curriculum sobre la Historia Tejana/Tejano History Curriculum Project Test By Lisa Try to set a new site Thanh and Gina's Dazzling Ideas! Gina and Thanh's 20 Stellar Ideas The Gap Between the Rich and Poor: Far Too Large to Ignore Student Historian Project: Fall 2011: The Land of Opportunity The Human Aspect of Modern Conflict A discussion of how modern day conflicts effect every part of society. The Korean War, the Forgotten. Heejin Cho The Newsboy's Strike (1899) SAH contributing site The Student Protest Movement: Kent State University Emily's Site The Troubles in Northern Ireland The Troubles in Northern Ireland The UT Austin Sport Development Lab Sport Development Lab The Vietnam Anti-War Movement Vietnam The Vietnam War and Popular Culture Jim's Site The War Ends in Vietnam Rita's Site Traveling out of formosa An overview Txt Msg EDC 670 Group 3 Jaklin and Lauren Txt Msg Uncovering Anti-Racism in US History An exploration of the often ignored ideology of anti-racist philosophy. Vietnam War: Outcomes and Sacrifices A site about the outcomes and sacrifices of the Vietnam War Welcome to Ms. Castro's Website! Jessica Site Welcome to Ms. Ibarra's Class Management Plan Introduction What Goes on in Area 51? SAH contributing site What were international attitudes toward US policy during the Vietnam War? An inquiry into international attitudes toward Why Vietnam? Student as Historian project Women in the Early 20th Century Laurel and Stephanie's SAH Site Yire's Site Yire's Site Zoot Suit Riot Webquest An exploration of the causes of the Zoot Suit Riot in Los Angeles, California
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