Co-Sponsors and Organizing Committee

We are grateful to our co-sponsors, who have made this conference possible:


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We are also grateful to the many people who have helped make this conference a success.
Conference Co-Chairs

Aaron Rochlen, Ph.D.  University of Texas at Austin

Sam Buser, Ph.D., Private Practice, Houston Texas

Planning Committee
Collette Chapman: Promotional Materials Development
Lindsay Willeford: Promotional Materials Development
David Scheinfeld: Advertising and Copying
Erin Reilly: Website Development/Conference Planning
Royce Kimmons/IDEA studio: Website Management
Lauren Farwell: Marketing/Targeted advertising
Michael Arbore: Banner/Logo Development
Regina Smuts: Room Scheduling
Linda Williams: Administrative Support
Bennie Crum: Accounting/Administrative Support
Jena Crim: Accounting/Administrative Support
Chris Brownson: CEU Consulting
Mark Stevens: Conference Planning/Consulting
Joe Grasso: Student Social and Tour Coordinator
Kristina Wells: Targeted Advertising
Kathryn Piazza: Targeted Advertising