Below are brief descriptions of the Keynote and Breakout Sessions.

Keynote Speakers

From Outreach to Psychotherapy: New Interventions for Traditional Men

More men then ever are entering psychotherapists' offices, but most traditional men have remained steadfast in their resistance to professional help.  Although rugged individualism is partially to blame, some of this difficulty is the result of a generalized failure to develop more creative and male-friendly models of therapeutic intervention.  This keynote address discusses these interventions and more generally what therapists need to consider in their work with treatment of resistant men.  Dr. Gary Brooks has worked closely with traditional men over the past thirty years and has published extensively on psychotherapy approaches to enhance men's lives.  His forthcoming work - Beyond the Crisis of Masculinity: An Integrative Model of Therapy for Boys and Men - provides a range of new intervention options and a transtheoretical approach for successful therapeutic work with men.
          -Gary Brooks, Ph.D, Baylor University

Accentuating Positive Masculinity:  A New Foundation for Psychotherapy with Boys and Men

The purpose of this keynote address is to suggest the positive masculinity model as a new foundation for clinical work with boys and men.  Based upon the principles of positive psychology, which emphasize strengths and virtues over disease, weakness and damage, the positive masculinity model builds upon adaptive aspects of masculinity to help boys and men reach their fullest potential.  Several noble aspects of traditional masculinity will be emphasized, including male ways of relating, generative fatherhood, male self-reliance, the worker-provider tradition, male daring and courage, the group orientation of boys and men, fraternal humanitarian service, male forms of humor, and male heroism.  The implications of this approach for male-friendly psychotherapy and future research on boys, men, and masculinity will be discussed.
          -Mark Kiselica, Ph.D, The College of New Jersey

Breakout Sessions

Deepening Group Therapy with Men:  Group therapy provides men with a supportive environment to work through issues of relational intimacy, to revisit loss experiences, to explore the impact of shame, to rediscover one's passion, and to learn to look inward to find meaning in life.  The presenter will highlight both a conceptual understanding and hands-on group interventions from his 25 years of facilitating groups for men.
         -Fredric Rabinowitz, Ph.D., University of Redlands

Counseling Fathers:  Based on the book Counseling Fathers, this presentation will explore both the challenges and strengths of fathers in the context of positive fathering.  The focus of this presentation will be on strength-based approaches and gender sensitive interventions when working with fathers.
         - Chen Oren, Ph.D., Phillips Graduate Institute

Working with Depressed Men:  This presentation will provide an overview of research-informed trends for recognizing and treating depression in men, including gender-based motivational interviewing approaches.  Using video-taped instruction, the  presenter will discuss research-informed strategies for getting and keeping men in treatment.  Other gender-based considerations will also be explored, including unique help-seeking barriers men often face.
         - Michael Addis, Ph.D., Clark University

Using Humor & Drama in Men's Work:  Humor and drama can help men to gain perspective on the gendered emotional aspects of their lives.  In this presentation, a comedian/psychotherapist offers suggestions on the use of these non-didactic methods in men's work.
          -Chris Kilmartin, Ph.D., University of Mary Washington

Men in Couples Therapy:  This presentation addresses the unique considerations of working with men in couples counseling, including how men cope with divorce or the loss of long-term relationships.  Both presenters are experienced practitioners who specialize in the treatment of men and couples.
          - Sam Buser, Ph.D., Private Practice, Houston, TX
          -Robert Hochschild, Ph.D., Private Practice, Houston, TX

Ethical Issues in Working with Men*:  The APA Ethics Code (APA, 2002) requires therapists to be attentive to issues of competence and discrimination in working with a range of client characteristics including gender, gender identity, and sexual orientation.  In this presentation, a leading ethics expert will share case examples to highlight the importance of attending to the humanity of our clients when faced with the challenges in working with those different from us.  Ethical principles that tend to be particularly salient in work with men will be discussed.
          -Melba Vasquez, Ph.D., ABPP. Private Practice, Austin, TX

Mexican American Fathers & Spirituality:  Through storytelling, case histories, and participatory dialogue, this presentation addresses the importance of using a spiritual framework in counseling Latino fathers and their families.  Appropriate psycho-spiritual interventions will be discussed.
          -José Cervantes, Ph.D., California State University, Fullerton

Engaging Men in Therapy:  Therapeutic engagement is one of the critical initial tasks any therapist faces when working with male clients.  Using footage from the presenters' APA-produced videos, this presentation demonstrates evidenced-based strategies to effectively shape clinical practice to the unique emotional, psychological, and relational needs of men.
          -Matt Englar-Carlson, Ph.D., California State University, Fullerton
          -Mark Stevens, Ph.D., California State University, Northridge

Anger Busting 101 for Angry Men:  Sharing case examples, as a leading expert in anger resolution, the founder and director of The Center for Anger Resolution will discuss various aspects of anger issues in relation to men.  In addition, this presentation will explore a range of strategies for understanding these issues, as well as provide a framework for effectively working with angry men.
          - Newton Hightower, LCSW The Center for Anger Resolution

Addressing Power & Privilege with Racial/Ethnic Men:  Using case examples and frameworks from the broader multicultural literature, this presentation addresses how men of color can benefit from discussions of power, privilege, and experiences of racism and marginalization.  The presenters, leading authors in multicultural counseling, provide clinicians with a framework to explore and integrate these experiences for men of color.
          -William Liu, Ph.D., University of Iowa
          -Kevin Cokley, Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin

Venus & Mars in the Therapy Hour:  In this presentation, an experienced female therapist will share what it has been like to work with male clients, including therapeutic successes and blunders. Engaging the audience in a review of her own cases, this presenter provides practical guidelines for women clinicians in working more effectively with male clients.
          -Holly Sweet, Ph.D., Psychologist & Co-Director, Cambridge Center for Gender Relations

Men in Therapy-Live Demonstration:  Demonstrating male friendly engagement and action oriented approaches, this presentation will feature a live counseling session.  Dr. Jon Carlson, recognized as one of the "Five Living Legends" by the American Counseling Association, will facilitate a session which will include commentary from the client and opportunities for discussion.
          -Jon Carlson, Psy.D., Ed.D., Governors State University 

Intimate Partner Violence: Understanding Men’s Perspectives:  Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) is a worldwide public health problem cutting across culture, SES, and geography (Mattson & Ruiz, 2005). The presentation will focus on how an understanding of how research on Mexican American men can provide new insights into theoretical conceptualizations on the influence of culture in intimate partner violence. Through the integration of recent theoretical developments, case conceptualization strategies, and research, attendees will learn how to develop culturally adapted interventions for treatment approaches with Mexican American men.
          -Miguel E. Gallardo, PsyD, Pepperdine University
          -Rogelio Serrano, LMFT, Pepperdine University

*There will be two different, 1 1/2 hour breakout sessions on ethical issues in working with men - providing up to three hours of continuing education credits.