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It is 1969 and you are an 19 year old American male.  You have received a low draft number.  You are now faced with a choice:  go willingly into the military, which means you will most likely go to Vietnam, or resist the draft, as you've seen other young men do.  Both choices have consequences.  If you go into the service, you will travel away from your home and your family.  You will go to war, which is dangerous.  On the other hand, if you choose to resist the draft, you will be breaking the law.  Members of your community may disapprove of your actions. 

What will you do?



Created by Brigid Byrne-Rowlings and Rachel Grygiel as a part of the Presidential Timeline - Summer Teacher's Institute at the University of Texas-Austin Learning Technology Center & the LBJ Library & Museum.

June 12, 2010