The Consortium for Research in Teacher Education is an interdisciplinary graduate student organization, which promotes rigorous quality research on the education of teachers in a variety of contexts. The consortium fosters collaboration among its members as well as external partnerships that support and influence teacher education. The organization values membership from all departments and fields of study.


Be in communication with other CRTE members through our members list-serve and online database.


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Academic Partnerships

Build academic partnerships with other graduate students and faculty through CRTE. CRTE members are a valuable resource for conducting research, writing conference proposals, and even submitting articles to journals. Joining CRTE builds lasting relationships with professors in your field.


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About CRTE

Brief history of CRTE



Faculty Advisors:

Executive Committee:

Kyle Williams, President (Educational Psychology)

Natalie Weber, Treasurer (Curriculum and Instruction)

Andrew Costigan, Secretary (Educational Psychology)

Eunjin Seo, Public Relations (Educational Psychology)

Founding Members:

*Deborah Morowski, Ph.D., Auburn University
*Antonio J. Castro, Ph.D, University of Missouri-Columbia
Brian Fortney, Ph.D, University of Texas at Austin
Michelle Bauml, Ph.D, Texas Christian University
Annamary Consalvo, Doctoral Candidate
Amy Kraehe, Doctoral Candidate
Mary Ndande, Doctoral Candidate
*indicates past presidents