Appropriate / Inappropriate student behavior

Appropriate student behavior


In order to create a positive classroom environment I will start the school year by showing and giving my students the respect that I want to be given. This will allow for a positive relationship between students and myself. I will implement this so that my students will respect me not just because I’m the teacher but also because they are receiving the same respect. I will communicate attitudes and expectations to the students and model them myself. Other strategies that I will use in order to create a positive classroom atmosphere, that include ways of reinforcing appropriate behavior:

-  I will encourage all students to participate during class, emphasizing that there are never wrong answers and that I like to listen to everyone’s ideas. This strategy will reinforce appropriate behavior by having all the student’s work cooperatively in sharing their ideas. It will also promote a positive atmosphere in which all students feel welcomed to express their ideas freely without the fear of “there is only a correct answer”.

-  Students will be held accountable for their own work and responsible for following directions. In order to create a pleasant atmosphere, at the beginning of the school year the classroom rules will be created by everyone giving input. All the students as well as myself will come to a census on the classroom rules. Students will agree on the rules and that way they will be responsible of following through.

-  Students will be encouraged to address conflicts with one another. Students will be encouraged to talk to each other in a respectful manner about their conflict before I have to intervene.

-       I will praise and recognize appropriate behavior through rewards, verbal, and non-verbal cues. I will avoid giving too much attention to negative or inappropriate behavior and rather focus on giving attention to positive behavior or appropriate behavior. This will let the students know that the way that they will receive attention is by behaving appropriately. When praising students I will make sure that I tell them exactly what they are doing that is the appropriate behavior instead of just saying good job. I will also praise students only when I know that every student had an opportunity to demonstrate their good behavior or work, this will allow for praise to be fair for every student. Examples of non-verbal cues are to give them a high five in the air or thumbs up. A reward that I will use is that if the students have demonstrated appropriate behavior through out the whole week they will be able to eat lunch in the classroom and watch a movie on Fridays.  I will also have a treasure box in which each month, students who have demonstrated appropriate behavior and have done their work will be able to choose a prize. Students will also be encouraged to praise each other and themselves when they see that they have done an outstanding job either in class work or behavior wise.  

Inappropriate student behavior

In order to decrease inappropriate behaviors in my future classroom I will give more attention to positive behavior. By giving more attention to positive behavior, students will know to get attention by behaving appropriately. For example, if there are students who are being disruptive during a lesson I can praise students who are doing what is asked from them by saying “I really like that this group is sitting quietly, ready to learn” and eventually students who are being disruptive will know what is expected from them. Some possible inappropriate behaviors that might arise in my future classroom are:

-Disputes among students. In order to address this issue I will encourage students to speak respectfully to each other about the issue before I have to intervene. Students will be reminded of the rule, which will be to respect each other’s ideas or differences.

- Students speaking or interrupting classroom instruction- If I’m speaking I will stand closer to the student who is being disruptive in order to get his attention. If this doesn’t work I will get his attention by calling his name. If another students is speaking and is being interrupted by another classmate I will ask the student who is being disruptive if he can repeat what his classmate said.

- Students being loud or screaming- I will respond by asking student or students what our voice level should be and I will also model the tone of voice that they are expected to use inside the classroom.

- Students running or horse playing- Student will be asked to model the appropriate behavior.