Vietnam Photos

 United States Helicopter

Soldiers were repeatedly flown into Vietnam.

What is the picture showing?

How does this photo portray the US in the War?

How do the soldiers appear?  Do they look scared, confident?  Do you think they will look different after they have fought for a few years?

How does this photo portray the strategies the US used in the war?


Helping a Soldier out of muddy hole

Soldiers sacrificing their lifes for fellow soldiers

What is this picture portraying?

What does this say about theories in American Military?

What is this photo stating about the relationships between soldiers?

 Military used many different forms of attack

What type of attack was used?

Why would the American soldiers cover their ears?

How do the different forms of attack contribute to the sacrifices the United States made?

Carrying a wounded Soldier through the Jungle

 War presented the idea of casualities

Where is this picture taken?

Why would this picture be a significant portrayal of this war?

How do the casualties contribute to the outcome of the war?


 The Sacrifice of Life

What is this picture telling Americans?

Could this picture influence American feelings about the war?  Why or why not?

Why is the sacrifice of life so important to the military and this particular war?


Casualties of Operation Osage

What is going on in this picture?

What are the soldiers in the background carrying?

What does this picture show about American military tradition?

How do the casualties impact American opinions about the sacrifices made during this conflict?


Goodnight Saigon

What is going on in this picture?

What is the significance of this picture?

What might this picture mean for the US?

What does the picture portary about American involvement in the Vietnam War?