Customizing Your Theme

Most themes within OWS are not changeable.  However, a few themes can utilize custom, user-defined colors and images in order to change their appearance.  To take advantage of this customization, you must:

  1. Choose a theme that is customizable (i.e. "bulletproof_custom");
  2. Navigate to your home page;
  3. Click edit;
  4. At the bottom of the page, select colors and/or insert the URL of images.*

* Note: If you select both a color and an image for a particular element (like, for instance, your header), the image will be shown on top of the color.

These settings may be adjusted at any time and will be saved even if you select a theme that is not customizable, though they will not be shown.

Example #1

For instance, to get the following result with the bulletproof_custom theme:

Adjust your settings as follows:

Header Color: any color (not shown)

Header Image: (taken from the pattern library)

Background Color: Black

Background Image: (taken from the pattern library)

Background Repeat: Left-Right_Repeat (so that the patterns repeats across the screen, but not up and down)

Background Scroll: No-Scroll (so that the background images do not move)

Background Position: Bottom-Center (so that the images are displayed across the bottom of the screen)

Example #2

Or, to get the following result:

Adjust your settings as follows:

Header Color: Medium Blue

Header Image: blank

Background Color: any color (not shown)

Background Image: (taken from the pattern library)

Background Repeat: Full_Repeat (so that the pattern is repeat both left to right and up and down)

Background Scroll: Scroll (so that the background moves when you scroll)

Background Position: any position (this does not matter since the background image is repeated over and over again)

To Upload and Use a Custom Image:

  1. Go to "My Account;"
  2. Click on "File Browser;"
  3. Click "Upload;"
  4. Browse to the selected image, press "Open," and click the "Upload" button;
  5. Once the image is uploaded, click on it so that a preview appears in the bottom panel;
  6. Click on the preview to open it in a new window;
  7. Copy the URL;
  8. Edit your homepage and paste the URL of the image into the desired field.

Note: If you already have an image online (like, say, in Flicker or Facebook), you can link to it directly in this way, but it is generally preferred to download the image and re-upload it so that it is on the OWS server.  This prevents users' browsers from opening multiple sites and reduces the likelihood of losing the link.