Inserting Images and Other Media

To easily include images or other media, use the image insert  or embed media button .  A new window will open in which you can input the url of the media or image you'd like to include, or you can upload something new by clicking the button to the right .  If you choose to upload something new, a file browser window will open wherein you can select Upload then choose a file, Upload, and then Send to Editor.  Finally, press insert when you are done.

Note on media: You may need to identify dimensions for your media in order for it to show up on the page.  A small video window, for instance, would be about 300x200, and a large window would be about 600x400.  You can play with this by selecting the media again and then re-clicking the embed media button.

Embedding YouTube Videos

YouTube makes it very easy to embed uploaded videos into your site.  It's just a matter of copy and pasting.  To do this:

  1. Open up your video in YouTube;
  2. On the right side of the page, you will see a small field labeled "Embed."  Highlight and copy the code that is in this field;
  3. Back in OWS, while editing your page, click on the HTML button;
  4. Paste your code here and click Update;
  5. In your editing box, you should now see a red outline of a Flash box.  You may move this to any position within your page that you like;
  6. Save the changes and your video should load automatically into your page.