Multiple Audiences

If you are the administrator of a site, you may have the option to share a page with multiple audiences (i.e. sites).

This means that the page will be listed in the navigation bars of multiple sites and that if you click on the link while in a site, it will open the shared page as if it were created in that site as well.

Confusion may occur if you attempt to manually link to shared pages, however, as the url for the page changes based upon the site you are trying to open it in.  For example, if I have a page called "teaching-practices" within a site called "my-portfolio" and wanted to share the page with another site called "research-group," that page would actually now have two url's:

  1. my-portfolio/teaching-practices (which would open in the "my-portfolio" site)
  2. research-group/teaching-practices (which would open in the "research-group" site)

This means that if you would like to manually link to this page, you must consider which site you want the link to open with and use the corresponding url.