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About the Tejano History Curriculum Project

In collaboration with the University of Texas at Austin, Austin Independent School District (AISD), and Austin's Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center (MACC)The Tejano Monument Inc., we introduce supplementary curriculum materials on Tejana/o history between the colonial period and the early twentieth century.

The site was created in order to make these lesson plans, which incorporate primary sources such as maps, images, and personal accounts, available to AISD teachers for use in the classroom, to MACC staff and patrons for integration into summer programming, and to any members of the public interested in enriching their knowledge of Tejano history.

This overview and this 18-page report outline the plans, activities, and outcomes of the Tejano History Curriculum Project, developed and implemented on behalf of the Tejano Monument, a non-profit organization best known for erecting a monument on Tejano history at the Capitol grounds, Austin, Texas. The one-year project (2011-2012) was funded by the Wal-Mart Foundation, the International Bank of Commerce, and the Renato Ramirez family.

This article reported on the Tejano History Curriculum Project and on the Tejano Monument Project which is responsible for constructing the Tejano monument at the Texas Capitol grounds.



Through the collaborative efforts of Drs. María Fránquiz and Cinthia Salinas from the College of Education and Dr. Emilio Zamora from the College of Liberal Arts, the project seeks to promote instructional materials that meet and exceed state elementary social studies curriculum standards and also provide bilingual resources to young learners, their families and communities, and educators.

Efforts included cohorts from the University of Texas at Austin College of Education elementary bilingual education program and a cadre of practicing AISD bilingual teachers from Proyecto Maestría. The Tejano History Curriculum Project is possible through the generous support of the Walmart Foundation, the International Bank of Commerce, and R&P Ramirez Ltd. The online site is also partially funded through a University of Texas at Austin, College of Education Vision Grant for 2012.

Student Projects and Events

Student projects included participation in the unveiling ceremony of the Tejano Monument, activities at the Mexican American Cultural Center, the creation of (?) Tejano Monument Journey Boxes, 4th grade History Tejano Curriculum Projects, which included the creation of story boxes, story cloths, visual thinking posters, and more, and...


Additional Resources

Contactos/ Contacts

Dr. Maria Fránquiz 

Dr. Cinthia Salinas 

Dr. Emilio Zamora 

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Spanish Language Editor: Raúl Olmo Fregoso Bailón

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