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Today we will investigate the  contested topic of Area 51 & the reliability of sources. On this website you will find numerous documents related to the topic, such as  photos and videoclips. You will examine each document and answer the questions  provided. The questions should help guide your thinking as you come to your own conclusions about this topic. Under each artifact (eg, a photo or participant account) you will find questions to guide your analysis. You need to  thoroughly  answer each of these questions in your notebook. 



  • Read the Historical Narrative. This will provide you with useful contextual and background information.
  • View and analyze  each of the artifacts (2 photos, 2 personal accounts, 2 editorial cartoons, 1 map, 1 presidential memorandum, 1 video clip).
  • Answer the provided questions for reach artifact in your notebook. Answers should be thorough and thoughtful.



Questions to always consider when using primary source documents:

  • Who created this document?
  • What was their goal?
  • Who is the intended audience?
  • When was this created?
  • How reliable is this source? How can you tell?