Snowball Icebreaker Game

Have students write their name and three interesting facts about themselves on a piece of paper. Once they are finished, they are to crumble up the piece of paper to resemble a snowball. The way that you do the next part should really depend on your grade level and the group of students that you have, but students are to have a pretend snowball fight with the papers. In my third grade placement, they were only allowed the throw the paper once and they were instructed to throw it very lightly. No matter what age you have  and how many times they get to throw the paper though, students will love getting to have a pretend snowball fight. Once this is finished, each student picks a snowball off of the ground. Choose one student to start, and he or she will find the person whose paper he or she has, bring them to the front of the class, and read the interesting facts about that person to the class. The person that got presented will then do the same thing. This will go on until everyone has been presented.

-I got this idea from Ms. Hansen's class at Spicewood Elementary School in Round Rock ISD.