Superstar Coupons

A superstar coupon in a student's desk.

Superstar Coupons are a fun way to keep your students accountable for their actions in the classroom. Students earn these coupons from the teacher, and at the end of a certain time period, students can trade in their coupons for various prizes. This is an easy idea to tweak for different classrooms. In Ms. Hansen's class, students get a superstar coupon every morning based on the trust that they will behave like they are expected to for the whole day. Their actions should be deserving of the coupon. If a student does not display proper classroom or school behavior, Ms. Hansen will take away their coupon and throw it away. Students also earn coupons for getting their planners signed everyday and Ms. Hansen has started taking coupons away when students forget to write their names on their papers. I am in a third grade classroom, so the punishments and rewards are fitting to this age group, but they can easily be changed based on your class.

I got this idea from Ms. Hansen's class at Spicewood Elementary in Round Rock ISD.

A list of rewards for turning in superstar coupons.