About CSE

The Cultural Studies in Education Graduate Student Council, founded in 2010, is responsible for the planning of the annual Cultural Studies in Education conference. The committee reviews and encourages scholarship related to educational inequality issues linked to race, class, gender, ethnicity, language, region, sexuality, age, ability, etc. By examining how these types of power relationships are unevenly distributed across school settings, we also promote innovative pedagogy and educational solidarities that empower students, families, and communities.

This years conference Pedagogies of Power: Mobilizing Community Ways of Knowing, Being, and Teaching aims to draw attention to the array of powerful pedagogical practices being deployed within diverse educational community spaces in and outside of traditional schooling institutions. Knowing, being, and teaching are all transformative processes that require critical understandings of ourselves in relation to our communities. This conference seeks to explore how liberatory teaching and learning practices mobilize communities to work together for social justice.